Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) - 20 works for 20 years + AGENCY: A Partial History of Live Art

Added on by Kira O'Reilly.

I was astonished and delighted for my work Stair Falling to be included in Robert Daniels special edition of twenty performance art works, Tiny Live Art (Development Agency) - 20 works for 20 years: 20.

You can learn more about the series here and the other extraordinary works he has realised in miniature.

The works will be presented as part of Live Art Development Agency’s celebration of its twenty years anniversary on 6th March.

The occasion will also see the launch of the publication AGENCY: A Partial History of Live Art edited by Theron Schmidt, in which a dialogue between Martin O’Brien and myself is included.

Other contributors include: Barby Asante, Ron Athey, David A. Bailey, Anne Bean, Bryan Biggs, Cassils, Simon Casson, George Chakravarthi, Curious, Richard DeDomenici, The Disabled Avant-Garde, Tim Etchells, Andy Field, French & Mottershead, RoseLee Goldberg, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Jen Harvie, The Institute For The Art And Practice Of Dissent At Home, Dominic Johnson, Amelia Jones, John Jordan, Lois Keidan, Alastair MacLennan, John E. McGrath, Jordan McKenzie, Hayley Newman, Mary Paterson, Project 0, Alan Read, Heike Roms, Rajni Shah, Joshua Sofaer, Selina Thompson, Jane Trowell, Johanna Tuukkanen, the vacuum cleaner, Manuel Vason, Lois Weaver, Catherine Wood.