Disentangle: Science in a Gendered World until 6th April 2019

Added on by Kira O'Reilly.

Jennifer Willet and I are delighted to have a work in the current exhibition at LifeSpace until 6 April, 2019, Disentangle: Science in a Gendered World curated by Cicely Farrer. More information about it here.

One of the intriguing aspects that formed part of working with Cicely was her invitation to us to select a work from the University of Dundee’s many museum collections to show with our work. We settled upon one of the extraordinary Blaschka glass model of Starfish (Asteria rubens) developmental (larval stage), 1888.

You can see an amazing 3D rendering of it here

Underglass: the mutable, liquid like qualities of glass that were so adroitly manipulated into morphologies, also articulated the objectives and perspectives of scientific scrutiny that we try to indicate in our work including it’s jewel like framing under convex glass.

 Our selection is also a contemplation on gender, In her astonishingly beautiful essay More Lessons From a Starfish: Prefixial Flesh and Transspeciated Selves Eva Hayward refers to Anthony and the Johnson’s track Cripple and Starfish, exploring gender identity, flesh through the regenerative properties of the starfish and the prefix trans.